Mudinepalli  History

Mudinepalli was known as Mudi Naagula Palli in earlier days because of number of Naagas (Naaga means snake(cobra), Naaga Devatha, A Hindu Goddess). Till the reorganization of constituencies in 2009,Mudinepalli used to be an assembly constituency for AP and used to fall under Machilipatnam Parliamentary Constituency.Now its part of Kaikaluru assembly and Eluru parliamentary constituencies. The major occupation of the people in the Mandal is Agriculture. The major cultivated crop is Paddy and aquaculture(fish) is also taken up in big scale from 1980s. Secondary crops include Green Gram,Black Gram and Ground nut. The water from Krishna river is distributed for the cultivation of lands in the Mandal by the famous Polraj canal. In earlier days transportation was done through these canals only. Almost all the area in the Mandal is wet land. All most all the villages in the Mandal have good infrastructure such as Road, Electricity, Primary schools, Telephone , Cable TV facility. It has good educational institutions. It is the place where the first English Medium School Little Flower School in Krishna District is established in 1968. This is the village where the Tollywood hero Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao has learnt his acting basics.

It almost midway between Vijayawada and Bhimavaram (around 50km). It is about 13 km northeast of Gudivada and 11 km North of Gudlavalleru.

Educational institutions

Polytechnic College
Government Jr. College
Little Flower School - The first English Medium in Krishna Dist - Estb in 1968
Z P H School, Mudinepalli
Sahayamatha School
Goutham Model School (Formerly known as Gowtham Public School)
Indo-Saxon School(Formerly known as Balaji Public School)

Villages in Mudinepalli Mandal

1. Alluru                       2. Bomminampadu            3. Chevuru
  4. Chigurukota             5. China Kamanapudi        6. Chinapalaparru
  7. Dakaram                  8. Devapudi                       9. Devaram
  10. Edepalle                11. Gokinampadu              12. Guraja
  13. Kakaravada           14. Koduru                        15. Komarru
  16. Korraguntapalem   17. Madhavaram             18. Mudinepalli
  19. Mulakalapalle         20. Peda Kamanapudi    21. Pedagonnuru
  22. Pedapalaparru        23. Penumalli                 24. Peruru
  25. Peyyeru                  26. Prodduvaka               27. Sankharshanapuram
  28. Singarayapalem      29. Utukuru                     30. Vadali
  31. Vadavalli                 32. Vaivaka                      33. Vanudurru